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A Swimming Pool Fence is only as effective as the Pool Gate Itself

Studies conclude that most accidental drowning in family swimming pools occurred when both parents were home and within only a few minutes of seeing the young victim.

Swimming pool gates are perhaps the most overlooked part of a pool fence – but it's the most important component to the effectiveness of a removable pool fence.

Safety gates for a pool fence must be placed at all pool access points – not just the main entrance – one gate may lead to the house, another to the yard and another to a utility shed.

Pool gates should meet U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission standards to be effective

The pool fence gate is the access point for a pool, so sizes of openings must be restricted to prevent a toddler from squeezing through. CPSC standards call for no more than a ½ inch opening between the gate and pool fence.

Another required feature is the pool gate must swing outward. It must be self-latching and self-locking, with the lock being positioned on the inside of the gate 3 inches below the top. These features prevent a toddler from pushing a gate open and gaining access to the pool area.

All Katchakid pool safety fence components meet or exceed CPSC standards.

Contact us today for a free estimate and see how Katchakid swimming pool fences can provide peace of mind that your toddlers will not fall victim to accidental drowning.

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