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Effective Pool Safety – Pool Safety Net vs. a Swimming Pool Fence

Pool owners have choices when it comes to pool safety and protecting small children from accidental drowning. The two most effective options available are a pool safety net or a pool safety fence.

This decision usually boils down to who lives in the home and the age of any kids

A pool safety net is ideal for people who want an unobstructed view of their pool and also grandparents who will only have kids in the home on a sporadic basis. Some states and localities have code requirements for pool fences – in which case, a pool safety net is a good option.

With a pool safety net, some attention is required when using your pool – it must be fully removed to go swimming and fully replaced when finished. A CHILD CAN ACCESS THE WATER IF THE NET IS NOT FULLY IN PLACE!

On the other hand, a swimming pool fence is an excellent option for pool owners with small children, providing peace of mind that a swimming pool barrier is always in place.

Removable pool fences from Katchakid are very convenient too – easily cleaned and easily removed and put back in place if necessary – by adults only of course.

These factors are some of the things to consider when deciding between a pool net and a pool fence – who's living in the home, local regulations and the amount of attention required when using the pool.

Contact us and consult with a trained professional at Katchakid who can evaluate your situation and recommend the proper pool safety option.

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