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Pool Covers: ASTM compliant swimming pool net

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Katchakid's Safety & Quality Assurance Checklist

Rely on Katchakid® for superior quality, durability and ease of use.

A.S.T.M Standard – F 1346-91 Compliant.


Small enough to prevent a toddler’s head from penetrating the net and large enough to discourage movement.


Most children and pets will find the Katchakid uncomfortable to move on, which will deter any further crawling on the safety net.


If properly positioned, anchored and tensioned, the net will not have any perimeter gaps that would allow a child to crawl underneath.


Top to bottom visibility of your pool gives you additional peace of mind.


The Katchakid pool netting is chemically treated with laboratory developed maximum UV inhibitors. The netting is resistant to shrinkage, even when subjected to harsh climatic conditions.


You do not need to remove your pool protection to chlorinate or chemically treat your pool.


Katchakid’s EZ-Off Portable Storage Roller, constructed from high grade patio furniture PVC, assists with easy wind up removal.


The Katchakid is available in Ocean Blue or Jet Black.

What ASTM F1346-91 Compliant Means to You

The Katchakid pool net, manufactured in The United States by Katchakid Inc. is in compliance with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) under the code F1346-91 for manual safety covers. The Katchakid pool net meets the criteria of all of the ASTM’s demanding series of performance tests and labeling requirements.

Some of the conditions for ASTM specification F1346-91 include:

  • The cover should be able to hold a weight of 485lb (2 adults and 1 child) to permit a rescue operation.
  • The net mesh or any opening should be small enough to prevent a solid faced sphere with a maximum breadth of 4.5 inches from gaining access at any point of the pool while applying a force of 40 pounds.
  • Meeting labeling requirements for all covers for swimming pools, spas and hot tubs. While already a quality and time tested product, conforming to the ASTM’s code further provides owners of a Katchakid customers assurance that they have one of the best forms of pool protection assisting to reduce the drowning risk of small children.


ASTM set codes and standards they do not certify, approve, list or endorse a product. To prove a product is compliant and up to a certain ASTM code the product should be tested by an independent laboratory (ASTM does not accredit laboratories). The laboratory will then issue the product with reports illustrating how the product is compliant to that particular ASTM code. To be certain of a quality pool safety net ask to see laboratory reports showing compliance to the ASTM F1346-91 manual safety cover code.


  • Your pool net does not replace adult supervision. It is designed to act as a last line of defense. The net is an additional safety feature for your pool.
  • Children should never be left unattended.
  • Pool Protection can only be effective if used.
  • Your pool safety net is not a toy. Do not allow children or adults to jump or play on the net, this will cause rubbing or chaffing of the net.
  • Do not allow animals to chew on the net. You net is not warranted against destruction by animals. Keep the net away from sources of heat such as barbecues as it can melt.
  • Do not use your pool with the net partially opened. This creates a dangerous situation and should be avoided at all times. Your pool is not properly secured until the net is in place and properly tensioned.
  • The net will be more effective the greater the distance between the water and the net. It is recommended that this distance be at least 7” below the upper edge of the pool surround (coping) or to manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Concrete decks should be a minimum of 4” deep to ensure that the anchors are secure.
  • The coping and pool surround should be in a good condition
  • When installing a Katchakid pool net on a new pool wait for 5 days after final completion.
  • The net mesh or any opening should be small enough to prevent a solid faced sphere with a maximum breath of 4.5” from gaining access at any point of the pool while applying a force of 40lbs.

“Remember, the net is a supplementary pool safety aid. The best pool safety around pools is the undivided and competent adult supervision. A Katchakid net can never replace adult supervision, nor can it be a guarantee against drowning or other accidents.”

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